Group Obedience Training Group Dog Training classes are a fun and cost-effective way to learn obedience skills in an environment that also helps to distraction proof your dog.  Skills such as Attention, Sit, Stay, Doggie du Good's Obedience Class in Johns Creek AreaDown, Come, and Loose-Leash Walking are basics that all dogs benefit from learning in Beginner Obedience Class.  Once your dog has learned these foundation exercises, the Intermediate and Advanced Dog Training Classes are geared towards skills that enable your dog to become a reliable off leash companion.   Distance Downs, Come to Front, Finish, Attention Heeling, and Out of Sight Stays are just a few of the lessons learned in Intermediate and Advanced Obedience Classes.


Karen and her Border Collie, Casey,
earning the 2nd Leg of their Utility Title.
  Utility is the highest level of
AKC Obedience Competition.

Group Obedience Classes $160/6 wk session.

$160 for a 6 week session - meeting one hour each week.
Classes are limited to a maximum of 10 participants and require pre-enrollment.

Dog Training Classes on Tuesday Please be sure to fill out this Hold Harmless Form and return it to us before training begins.

We accept all credit cards ** , checks and cash. A credit card authorization must be kept on file regardless of final method of payment. Checks are accepted. A $65.00 penalty will be charged to your credit card for insufficient funds.

Cancellations must be made within 24hrs please. A cancellation fee of 50% of your reserved fee will be charged to your credit card if you cancel past the 24hr request

**We will happily accept a credit card. As a courtesy to our clients, instead of raising costs to accommodate this additional fee,  we will simply add a 3% fee onto those charges that you prefer to pay with a credit card.