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12 July 2012

New Puppy, New You!


So you decided to add a new addition to your home. No, we aren't talking about a room, but a new dog. Whether you are puppy proofing your home, house breaking, crate training, or teaching your dog a fabulous recall or a new trick, the general care and maintenance that is required is equally important in order for your dog to succeed!
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9 May 2012
Melissa Cate and her dog McKenzie make National and Viral news with:


Just what IS going on in your dog's head? First MRI brain scans let us know what our pets really think of us

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Five Fido-friendly getaways

By Jessica DuLong, Special to CNN
updated 10:02 AM EDT, Wed March 21, 2012

(CNN) -- Hotels have reached new heights of "hos-pet-ality," offering perks like gourmet treats, designer dog beds, scratching posts, chew toys and pet massage. But that level of pampering isn't essential to a great getaway for you or your pooch. Pick the right place to stay, select a few outdoor-table restaurants, choose some dog-friendly outings and there's no reason Fido has to spend your next trip at the kennel. read more